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Western Alaska Buoy Deployment and Data Streaming
This project will support data collection in the Bering Sea from a Triaxys oceanographic wave buoy to supplement existing stationary sensors. Wave buoy data has numerous applications for science and industry and is a primary tool for providing real-time data about water movement towards shore.
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LCC Network Data Steward
LCC Network Data Manager
Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative
1011 E. Tudor Road MS 281
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative
1011 E. Tudor Road MS 281
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Karen A Murphy
LCC Coordinator
1011 E. Tudor Road MS 281
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
V: +1 907 7893501
Molly McCammon, PhD
V: +1 907 6446703

Project Abstract

One of the major challenges in understanding changes in coastal processes in western Alaska is the lack of measured ocean data in the region. ​This project leverages existing human resources, and physical and computational infrastructure to collect and disseminate oceanographic observations in the Bering Sea. From instrument restoration, transport and deployment, through data streaming, recovery and dissemination, this project considers the end to end supports necessary to gather, promote, and serve oceanographic data along Alaska’s Western coast. Real‐time sea‐state conditions directly benefit emergency managers and local communities, particularly in dealing with small craft hazards and predicting storm surges and coastal erosion. In addition to these immediate benefits, the data produced will provide a wealth of information through which public and private planners and scientists will be able to identify long‐term trends, aiding in planning safe transit, coastal development, and community safety efforts.​

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    • Decision Support,
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