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Coordinated monitoring - UAA
The proposed Northwest Boreal Monitoring System enables the creation of landscape-wide data to detect the impacts of climate change and human disturbances.
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Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Jamie Trammel

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To inform management for a resilient and functioning landscape, we need to understand how the landscape is changing. The Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative, working with a diverse group of managers and stakeholders, initiated development of a coordinated monitoring system for the northwest boreal ecoregion in 2016. The goal for the coordinated monitoring system is to provide a set of common denominators (i.e., minimum standards) that will allow cooperators to combine monitoring data to make landscape-scale inferences. The monitoring system is intended to detect landscape-scale changes related to climate change or human disturbance. This effort is intended to leverage limited monitoring resources and is not meant to dictate what any agency or organization monitors.

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