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Coastal Reslience and Adaptation
Tribal leaders, resource managers, community planners, and scientists explore strategies to adapt to unprecedented changes.
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Project Abstract

In Alaska, changes in snow, ice, and weather, have resulted in risks to human lives, infrastructure damage, threats to valuable natural resources, and disruption of hunting, fishing, and livelihoods. Leaders from the Aleutians to the Chukchi Sea came together for a series of Coastal Resilience and Adaptation Workshops, spearheaded by three Landscape Conservation Cooperatives and the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association. Tribal leaders, resource managers, community planners, and scientists explored strategies to adapt to these unprecedented changes.The workshop series brought together 14 Organizing Partners 34 Tribes, 15 State & Federal Agencies, and a total of more than 200 participants to meet in four regional hub locations. Following the workshops, participants and organizers formed the Adapt Alaska Coalition to continue working together on cross-cutting climate change adaptation strategies. Workshop outcomes include: -Toolkit of resources and to share information and build diverse networks -Leveraged four new job positions to work with partners on several key next steps -Several communities working with the state to initiate Small Community Emergency Response Plans -Formation of two regional climate adaptation task forces in Bristol Bay region and Kotzebue

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