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Webinar (2015) AK-OATS
This webinar was given following the completion of the website development. Presentation slides are also available.
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Alaska Online Aquatic Temperature Site (AK-OATS)
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LCC Network Data Steward
LCC Network Data Manager
Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative
1011 E. Tudor Road MS 281
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative
1011 E. Tudor Road MS 281
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

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Alaska’s freshwater resources, vitally important for salmon and other species, are vulnerable to changes resulting from climate change. Though temperature is a critical element in the suitability of aquatic habitats, Alaska’s stream and lake temperature monitoring is occurring through independent agencies/partners without a means to link and share data. Because a coordinated network of monitoring data can help scientists and managers understand how aquatic systems are responding to climate change, conducting an inventory of past and present stream and lake temperature monitoring efforts has been identified as a priority science need for Alaska. This project consolidated existing monitoring site locations and attributes into a statewide, spatially referenced dataset and will result in the development of an online interface that will enable partners to add additional information. This is not a database for storing temperature data, rather the first step in creating a network which should ultimately link data.​


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